#Project365 week 21 (18th May – 24th May)

This post is coming to you a couple of weeks late as I had a little mishap with my laptop. The screen is forever flickering on it but it can usually be fixed with a gentle tap to the top. This time however it was tapped alittle too hard and the screen completely cracked and leaked liquid seeped into every little bit of it. I do have a tablet that I would use when the laptop is being used but for some reason the bluetooth keyboard I have for it wouldn’t sync up with it no matter what I did, so, I’ve been waiting on a replacement for it. And it finally arrived in the post this morning so I thought I’d best get a move on and do some posts 😛

Anywho, thats pretty much been the highlight of this week for me. Exciting, right? And here are my 7 images for 7 days…

Day 139 – Monday – I love my wee cuddles from Gin in the morning. She only does it to get me up so her and her sister can ger fed.

Day 140 – Tuesday – Look at this wee dote. We finally figured out what we’re going to call her. Meet Poppy.

Day 141 Wednesday – We decided since the weather had been so good that we would head down to the Port for a wee walk and some Pokemon hunting. We came across this wee display of painted pebbles that people have been doing in recognition for all the NHS and keyworkers in the area.

Day 143 – Thursday – This is the Poundhound. Our company mascot who comes out of hiding everytime there is a charity event or fund raiser in any of the company stores. Can’t actually remember his name

Day 144 – Friday – This wee rascals always looks like she’s up to something.

Day 145 – Saturday – Tom has been wanting his hair dyed black now for so long so as a bargain we though we would buy him a spray in colour just to be sure that what he wanted. This was the bath after he got it washed out.

Day 146 – Sunday – A wee Sunday afternoon lazing on the sofa, playing few games. This 1 was called Lonely Mountain Downhill and has to be the most frustrating game I’ve played in a looooooooong time.

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