#Project365 Wk20 (11th May – 17th May)

As I said last week these weeks really are flying it. Its even hard to try and figure out what day we are on. They are just starting to blend into each other… which isn’t good. I think if it wasn’t for me out working that we would be completely screwed for lack of a better word. On a different note it’s amazing the things you miss when you don’t have the option to do them…. what I wouldn’t give for a hot chocolate with mallows and cream from Cafe Nero.

Anyway folks… enough rambling…. here are my 7 images for the 7 days…happy snapping.

Day 132 – Monday – Yep it seems that the whole family have gotten the Pokemon bug again. The OH was laying awake beside me playing it so obviously I had to join in in playing with my buddy.

Day 133 – Tuesday – I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s having bother trying to keep to a proper sleeping pattern. I’m finding it especially hard as I’m out at work and having to go to bed before Tom even thinks he’s tired. This image was sent to me at around 3:30 pm and when I got home at around 8 pm, he was still sleeping.

Day 134 – Wednesday – Had recently joined a Facebook page where people have been posting images from years ago from my home town. This image popped up and lo and behold there’s little old sitting front and nearly centre. Can’t remember quite how old I wold have been maybe 10 or 11… but you can definitely see where people get the idea that Tom is the spit of me haha

Day 135 – Thursday – My OH has decided to extend the cattery out a little so that the cats have a little more to look at being able to see down along the other half of the street. Needless to say they love it and have only come inside to eat and sleep at night.

Day 136 – Friday – I done something really stupid and went and got a puppy. I’ve always been a cat person and never really seen myself with a dog at all but there you go. We haven’t come up with a name as of yet but there have been a few things batted about. I’m hoping with the introduction of this little beauty that I can get the motivation to get off my ass and lose the pounds that have been piling on this while back.

Day 137 – Saturday – Our tadpoles have got legs…. oh dear!

Day 138 – Sunday – Sunday is bath day.

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