#Project365 Wk19 (4th May – 10th May)

These weeks are flying in this year. I can’t believe we’re into May already. I would say that we’ll soon be into the summer holidays but it looks like we’re already into them. Much to Tom’s delight. I don’t know what everyone else thinks but it feels like every week is just blending into another. I’m even having to double check what day I’m on so that I turn up for work at the right time or even at all haha…

Anyway folks… enough rambling…. here are my 7 images for the 7 days…happy snapping.

Day 125 – Monday
– It doesn’t matter what we are eating. Be it dinner, lunch or even just a snack Ger will always come running looking for some of it. This was her pining after some of the crisps I was eating.

Day 126 – Tuesday – Tom has been complaining so much about his hair recently but with hairdressers being out of action and him not wanting his dad to cut it there was only 1 option. To steal one of my headbands. According to some it makes him look so much more like me… if that’s even possible.

Day 127 – Wednesday – What most of my evenings have consisted of. Watching my OH and Tom battling it out on Fortnite. Not that I mind it gives me a chance to catch up on my FB scrolling.

Day 128 – Thursday – Not the best image in the world but I have yet more fry in my tank. There was a couple of other ones but as they were a sort of clear colour i was really hard to get an sot of image of them.

Day 129 – Friday – This is was happens when my OH talks all cute to Gin. She starts doing really cute things in the hope that he will come over and pet her. I wouldn’t mind but when I do it she usually walks off in the other direction.

Day 130 – Saturday – It was such a nice day outside. I finished work early and couldn’t help myself. I’m not a big cider fan but this went down very nicely.

Day 131 – Sunday – The things we have to do. Standing at the door counting the heads that come through the door at work on an hourly basis.

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