Another New Addition

A few months before Christmas, my OH mentioned to Tom that he had a budgie when he was younger and he started playing videos on YouTube about them and all the things that they get up to. So, naturally, Tom started saying that he would love one. In the beginning I was adamant that he wasn’t getting one as it would be me that would be left to look after it.

This worked for a couple of months until we realised that it was the only thing Tom had asked for for Christmas. Well, except for the usual PS4 and switch games and the like.I really started to panic and when I mentioned this to a colleague at work she told me about a guy that worked with her husband who breeds budgies and she would be able to get me them a lot cheaper than if we went to the local pet store.

This pretty much sealed the deal and I gave in.


This is Sky and Meadow. The blue being Sky and the green being Meadow.

Tom had kept saying that he wanted their cage in his bedroom but he soon regretted it when he realised that they do not like to be heard. So, when he was gaming and chatting to his friends, they were always really loud and trying to be heard over the top of him. We decided that we would move them to the dining room, where they would not only have more interaction with me and my OH but they would also not have to chirp as loud just to be heard.


It’s the youngest of the two birds and the most curious. She was the easiest to name because of her colouring. We have been attempting to try and get her to sit on our fingers and let us stroke her. This is the closest we’ve got so far.


We’re not quite sure how old he is but we know he’s older than Sky and a lot more shyer. It took a few weeks before Tom came up with his name although I’m not sure quite why as Meadow was one of the names we batted about when we first got them.

Needless to say I didn’t think I would have grown so attached to the little buggers but here I am and when I asked if I would get rid of them, I don’t think I could.

Yes, so now we not only have cats, we have fish and birds. There probably will be more at some point haha. We’ve even. batted about the idea of getting a piece of land and building a tiny house and then use the rest of the and for AAALLLLLLLL the animals.

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