New Additions

Hey again folks, its been a while since I’ve last written a proper post on here so bare with me. I was going to write a wee post about what all that has been happening the last couple of months, (Not that there’s been a lot happening) but I’ve decided to tell you about a few new additions to the family. No I’m not talking about kids… 1 is enough for me. We now have 2 large fish tanks; 1 in the living room which is Peter’s and 1 in the kitchen/dining room which is mine. Peter’s one consists of all the tetras he can get his hands on, a few shrimp including a very large wood shrimp which I’m not too keen on (looks scary), and a sucking loach. My tank in the kitchen/dining room is a lot more brighter. I have guppies, mollies, x-ray tetras, harlequin rasbora, a few shrimp to keep it clean and a sucking loach.

Its not the best image but this is my tank as it stands at the moment

When I was younger I did attempt to keep gold fish a couple of times but they always ended up dying after a couple of weeks. I just didn’t understand the proper way to look after them. So when Peter said about filling up the empty tank and doing it properly with heaters and filers we got to researching. We visited our local independent fish shop ‘The Fish House’ where the owner was more than happy to tell us what exactly we needed, what fish to go for and how to care for them. He was a great help.

Once we had it all set up and the water at the correct specs then all we had to do was pick our fish. There were a few mishaps with fish getting stuck down the back of the filter and such to begin with but I think now we have got to grips with everything and a second tank was purchase from a local man who didn’t want it anymore. This tank was suppose to be Peter’s but I thought it was a better shape than the one I was using so Peter offered me it and he took the old one.


This is one of the latest editions. You can’t quite make out the colour but it is the most gorgeous blue colour.

The only downside we found of having the two tanks was the electricity; we noticed that we were having to top it up more and more, which wasn’t good when you’ve only got one wage coming into the house. So, after more research we though that we would see what we could do to try and bring it down a bit. We changed the lights to L.E.D’s and looked into going filter-less. Going filterless though meant having to purchase a few oxygenating plants and an bubblemaker to make up for the lack of water breakage from the filter. All in all I like the way the tank finally turned out.


One of my original type of fish

Trying to decide on what fish to get for the tank, I wanted something that would be the easiest to care for and ones that would be able to love together without them ripping shreds from each other. The ones that decided for where guppies, harlequins and tiger barbs. I still have all the harlequins and couple of guppies from the original batch but all the tiger barbs are gone due to a heating mishap of my OH.


It’s not the best image and the females look so much like the mollys but the males can be distinguished by their sword like tails.

I’m not going to say it’s been the easiest thing in the world to do but it’s definitely been easier than I thought it was going to be. Especially when I was taking out the filter and using just oxygenating plants and shrimp. It’s been a month since I’ve taken out the filter and if I’m honest my tank seems to be thriving. At the minute I even have a few fry (baby fish) swimming about. I’m not too sure if they’re going to survive but that’s the circle of life.

At the minute, I think I’m done with the tank and that other than generally maintenance I won’t have to touch the tank. And I’m hoping that’s the way its going to stay.

4 thoughts on “New Additions

  1. I have no filter and loads of plants in mine and my woods shrimp is doing great. One side of my tank has lots of straight sticks set in vertical and it seems to spend most of it’s time on them.

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