New Additions

Hey again folks, its been a while since I've last written a proper post on here so bare with me. I was going to write a wee post about what all that has been happening the last couple of months, (Not that there's been a lot happening) but I've decided to tell you about a … Continue reading New Additions

Quick Note

This is just a wee quick note to say that I haven't forgot about getting back into this again. I've just had afew things to deal with and I'm in the middle of writing a couple of post that will be up in the next couple of days. Well one will at least. Thank you … Continue reading Quick Note

Hey Again!

Hey folks, well it's been a while since I last posted (months in fact) something on here and to be honest I don't know why I stopped. I guess I just lost interest. I've found though in the last month or so that I've been starting to think more and more about coming back to … Continue reading Hey Again!