#Project365 Wk27 (2nd July -8th July)

Well that’s the first week of the Summer holidays over… Only 8 more to go. Okay, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were no complaints of being bored and having nothing to do. It could’ve been a little better though. We noticed that Tom has got himself a little attitude starting. He’s decided that he always has to have the last word when spoken to, it’s something that we’ll be looking at in the coming weeks.

Anyway folks, here are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping.

182/365 – Tuesday – We are constantly finding the cats sleeping in the most random places. This is the latest place that Gin decided to curl up in. Notice her using my purse as a pillow.

183/365 – Wednesday – A little show shopping for my OH. This consists of me going around shops and taking pictures of the shoes, sending them to him and him letting me know the styles that he likes.

184/365 – Thursday – Tom wasn’t feeling the best today when he woke. He was complaining about having a sore stomach and feeling sick so we decided to have a sofa day. I went to get the blankets off our bed and when I returned Tom was curled up on the sofa sleeping. I just had to take a picture of it.

185/365 – Friday – I’m taking the plunge and dying my hair dark again. Not sure if it’ll be a good idea or not.

186/365 – Saturday – Having some fun outside with a VERY early birthday present.

187/365 – Sunday – I don’t actually have an image for today as I was in work all day and completely forgot about it… sorry. 😦

188/365 – Monday – It may have been cold and a little damp today but that didn’t stop us from going a wee dander along Benevenagh. The view from up there is amazing… even on a day like today.

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