#Project365 – Wk26 (25th June – 1st July)

These weeks are getting faster and faster. Its hard to believe that the kids are getting off for the summer holidays on Friday. Where has the school year gone. These next two months I think are going to drag in for me and my OH trying to entertain Tom. On the other hand I think they will fly in for Tom and he’ll be back at school before he knows it… but I could be wrong.

Anywho, here are are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping.

175/365 – Tuesday– My stew topped with my mash didn’t quite work out.

176/365 – Wednesday – I went for a siesta and when I woke I glanced up and found our cat Gin just sitting like this on drawer unit just staring at me. It was quite creepy.

177/365 – Thursday – Having some fun with water balloons.

178/365 – Friday – Laying in the bath and I just happen to glance to my left and seen this ‘little’ guy… and when I say little, I mean HUGE! The thing that got me out of the bath ASAP was the fact that i actually heard it

179/365 – Saturday – Had to go to the shops for a few things so I thought that I would take the long way and walk down along the river because it was just a nice day.

180/365 – Sunday – My girls are so lady like

181/365 – Monday – Out for a dander along the riverside. I’ve got to say that this is one of my favourite trees along the walk. It just makes me think it should be in some love story romance movie. What do you think?

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