W/C – 10/06/2019

Last weeks food was a little bit hit and miss. I managed to stick to some of the items I had planned but then there were nights that I just didn’t want what I had down so had something completely different.

Home-Made Vegan Pizza

My OH decided that he wanted to make the pizza I had planned for Saturday night instead of buying the usual frozen ones that we would normally get. I’ve told him a million times that I think he has missed his calling because everything that he makes is absolutely beautiful. And this was just that. It had a bit of everything in it. Chicken style pieces, ham style slices, dairy free cheese, everything. I could eat it every night if I had the chance…. and if my OH would make it.

This Weeks Menu

  • Monday – Chicken Nuggets and Chips
  • Tuesday – Spicy Pepper Pasta Bake
  • Wednesday – Sausage, Chips and Beans
  • Thursday – Curry
  • Friday – Burgers
  • Saturday – Pizza and Garlic Bread
  • Sunday – Slow Cooker Cottage Pie

Well there we have it… next weeks meals all planned. Here’s hoping that things go as planned and I don’t change my mind. Thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J x

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