TV Shows I love

When I was younger TV shows were always my thing. I always loved getting to know a character over a number of episodes and not having the expectations of knowing them straight from the get-go, like you would be in a movie situation.

I think it all started when my mum and I used to sit and watch episodes of CSI together and I fell in love with Greg Sanders the Tech guy. Everyone else thought he was a ‘total geek’ but I absolutely loved him. My mum ended up buying me the 1st season on DVD as a Christmas present and that was me hooked… well up until Grissom left and they brought in Laurence Fishburne. I watched a couple of episodes with him in it and couldn’t go any further… it just wasn’t the same. Anywho… if given the chance I could sit and binge watch a full 24 episode season of something in one go. Unfortunately, that was only possible when the show came on DVD or VHS… as there was no such thing as Netflix or Amazon Prime (feeling old now).

Now that I’m older and have other responsibilities, I unfortunately don’t get much of a chance to watch what I would like to. I do however try to make a point of taking one evening out of the week to myself with the laptop to catch up on the TV shows that I have missed and have to catch up on.

It was originally my mum that told me to watch this as she had seen the first episode thinking it would be another something completely different. (She’s very into her ghost shows like most haunted.) When she saw this she knew it would be right up my street and she was right. I’ve been hooked on it since watching the first episode all the way back in 2005. I also didn’t mind the fact that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were kinda H.O.T! Lol

I’m not really too sure how exactly I started watching this. All I can remember is that it was a couple of seasons in before I started. The DVD was probably on sale or something.

Well, the first couple of seasons. I found that after the 4th and them adding extra episodes to the seasons just dragged the story lines out longer than they needed to be. I’ve always been fascinated with Vikings ever since learning about them in school. Although, we weren’t quite taught everything that they show in the programme lol

This is an odd one for me to like. I’m not usually into anything so “bubblegum” I think my OH called it. But when I started watching it I got fascinated with the story, the characters and well just everything about it. Everything is just so over the top that it can be quite comical.

Again another one I didn’t think that I would like that much but when I started I couldn’t stop. Some of the episodes are a bit far fetched but I think that’s why I like it so much and if you can’t tell I’m I big fan of the supernatural and all things paranormal. Think that’s why when they introduced the gargoyle king and that I was giddy with excitement lol

When I started watching this, I originally just had it on in the background while I was doing some work on the computer. But instead of actually doing any work I found myself fixated on this. I found it to be so clever and well thought out. I was disappointed at the last season though.

Like everything else that I watch I’m not too sure why I like that but I do. There are so many characters in the series that it’s hard not to find someone that anyone can relate to. And I am still trying to find someone who doesn’t like the series once they start watching it. In my opinion it one of the best TV programmes out there. And I so cannot wait for the next season next month!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel

This is an obvious. I can still remember watching my first episode of Buffy. I was with my mum when she was babysitting my cousins. I just remember thinking why have I not seen this before. The episode name was ‘Hush’ and it was so freaky!

There are probably more that I can’t quite think of at the minute. There are so many TV series out there that it’s not hard to find something that anyone would like. Whether it’s a crime show, a fantasy, a true story or something completely fictional there is something for everyone. Whats your favourite TV shows or series? Let me know in the comments. and if you like what you read like and share

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