#Project365 Wk 23 (4th June – 10th June)

I’ve really struggled to get any images this week. I don’t know why but there just didn’t seem like anything worth taking an image off. It’s just that tie of the year that nothing really happens and I’m just waiting for the summer to begin. A summer that is approaching way too quickly for my liking.

Anyway folks, here are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping.

155/365 – Tuesday 4th June – If you haven’t tried this chocolate bar yet then you must… it is absolutely gorgeous.

156/365 – Wednesday 5th June – Another stew in the process. I can’t believe I haven’t tried anything like this before last week.

157/365 – Thursday 6th June – Getting my water intake while doing some blogging.

158/365 – Friday 7th June – I think Gin was missing Amy this week when she didn’t come down. She didn’t leave her dressing gown all wee except to eat and use the litter tray.

159/365 – Saturday 8th June – We needed something that we could write messages, chores, etc, on in the kitchen that wasn’t the fridge. We decided that we would use some chalkboard paint. The plan is to use some dido rail that we have left over as a frame.

160/365 – Sunday 9th June – I hate seeing this. This ‘chippy’ was seen as one of the best in the town. It was somewhere I would have always went to when I was doing late shifts in work. They closed in February with a noticed on the window that they were closing for renovations and would open the following month. It wasn’t until today that I noticed the ‘To Let’ sign outside. It’s something that I never thought that I would see. I just hope that it’s not a sign of times to come.

161/365 – Monday 10th June – It’s weird to think that this image was taken at 5:30 in the morning. It was so light that it felt so much later in the morning.

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