WOTW – W/c -03/06/2019

I’ve been sitting here for about half an hour thinking about the past week and trying to decide on a word that would sum it up. And.. nothing! I could not think of a single thing. And that’s when it hit me… that is my actually word of the week. So, here goes…

This week my Word Of The Week is…

I went back to work after being off last week and realised that there had been NOTHING done from the previous days delivery in my section. They had decided to leave everything in a cage in our warehouse and have me work it when I went in in the morning. Usually I wouldn’t have minded but the boss then turned to me and gave me a huge list of things that he wanted me to do first. So, on top of my delivery and sorting out my section as I was off and whoever was filling had just thrown everything in anywhere they could, I also had this list to do. It was a very long shift that day.

This bit is probably going to be a little long winded but I had a little mishap with my phone over the weekend. If any of you don’t know I can get quite clumsy when it comes to spilling food and drink. It especially happens when I’m in the living room where we’re not suppose to be allowed any… oops! Well, on this specific occasion I was watching a movie with my OH and I just happened to shift my position on the sofa and my drink went sideways down the inside of the sofa…. and all over my phone. It’s happened before so I wasn’t too worried about it.

That is until the moisture detection logo popped up. Again not something I was too worried about as I get it all the time when I’m using my phone in the bath. All I usually have to do is leave it alone for a while and it soon rights itself. This didn’t quite happen this time.

The battery started to drain really quickly. Soon there was no charge in it at all. NOTHING!… when I tried plugging the charging cable into it. The moisture detection logo kept buzzing at me telling me to take the cable out. It done this to me for 24 hours. Every time I tried to charge it it wouldn’t let me. I somehow managed to get it charged… even though I have no idea how. It must have been all the small blasts it was getting. Well the next day it decided to turn itself off when it was only at 30%. And then it started doing the same thing again with the moisture logo.

I had resided myself to using Tom’s phone as I really couldn’t afford to get a new one for myself. But it wasn’t until my OH suggested turning the phone on and trying to charge it. And low and behold it worked… kind off. It sometimes pops up that I’m not using the official cable but take it out and pop it back in and it’s fine. I just have to make sure and not let the thing die before I get it charged… or there will be NOTHING!

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