W/c – 27/05/2019

It was so nice this week having a plan and not having to worry about what we were having each night. We swapped some of the meals around but all in all we stuck to the plan. I even made the jackfruit stew that I had planned which is so not like me. When I plan anything like that I usually change my mind and don’t bother with it but this time I actually did it… go me!

Anyway folks, here’s what I had for dinner this week…

Jackfruit Stew

I found this recipe on an Instagram account that I follow. It looked really nice so I thought I would give it a try. It was so easy to do. All it consists of chopped carrot, potato, onion and a tin of jackfruit, chucked into the slowcooker, covered in water and then left for 8-10 hours to cook. When it’s cooked all there’s left to do is to add the gravy granules to thicken it up. If I knew how nice it was going to be I would have done a proper post and took images of the process. Maybe next time.

This Week’s Menu

  • Monday – Beetroot Burger and chips
  • Tuesday – Linda McCartney Country Pie and home-made mash
  • Wednesday – Curry
  • Thursday – Pasta (possible slow-cooked lasagne)
  • Friday – Pizza
  • Saturday – Bit of everything from the freezer
  • Sunday – sausage, chips, and bean.

Well there we have it… next weeks meals all planned. Here’s hoping that things go as planned and I don’t change my mind. But anyway folks, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

2 thoughts on “W/c – 27/05/2019

  1. You have inspired me. I have had a tin of jackfruit for a while now and wasn’t sure what to do with it. Jackfruit stew it is!! Thanks lol


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