WOTW – W/c – 27/05/2019

This week my Word Of The Week is…

When people mention holiday to me the first thing that comes into peoples heads is jetting off to warmer climates, sitting by the beach/pool, and just generally getting away from it all. Me, however, all it means to me if time off work. That’s what I had this week. One week off work, 7 days of not having to get up a the crack of dawn to break down pallets of stock or to pack of shelves with said stock. Don’t get me wrong I was still awake at my usual time but this week I was able to fall back to sleep for a couple of hours before having to take Tom to school. It was bliss.

The original plan was for my mum to come in and watch Tom for a few days while me and my OH headed down to Donegal. But surprise surprise, the weather was so bad that we decided against it. We decided instead that we would spend the time doing things around the house that needed done. I finally got a chance to tackle Tom’s room (again). The only thing I didn’t touch was his lego. I placed it all where it’s suppose to go in tubs. That is my OH’s job lol.

Being off work has also given me the chance to get caught up in the all the housework that I’ve desperately being falling behind in. I don’t think my washing machine has even been on as much as it has been this last week. Clearing out Tom’s room it also gave me the chance to find any of his stray socks that he had left laying around, which means that I can finally whittle down and hopefully match up all the single socks that have gathered up.

I’m hoping that on my next ‘holiday’ at the end of July I will actually be able to get away. With it being in the middle of the summer I won’t have to worry about Tom and school. Even if it’s just for a couple of days down to Donegal. I think I would be very happy with that.

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