#Project365 Wk19 (7th May – 13th May)

This week has went by so quickly its been hard to keep up with what day it is. Its getting even harder to think that Tom will be off school for the summer holidays in a couple of weeks, which means 9 weeks of him complaining that he’s bored and that there’s nothing to do. Fun times ahead.

Anyways folks here are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping!

127/365 Tuesday 7th May – It doesn’t matter where you turn your head at this time of the year there are flowers growing everywhere.

128/365 Wednesday 8th May – This little lady in this image is my granny B… you wouldn’t think that she turned a grand old age of 92 today. She still battering on helping in the local church cleaning. If I had half the energy she has in ten years from now I would be a very happy woman.

129/365 Thursday 9th May – Having went over on my foot a few months ago it can still get quite sore, especially when I’m wearing the original shoes I had got for work because there is absolutely not support in them. I’m really hoping that these might help a bit.

130/365 Friday 10th May – Getting rid of a few cobwebs with a walk around Mountsandel Forest and up to the Fort to have a look over our wee town.

131/365 Saturday 11th May – We’ve recently had a little robin beginning to come an visit us and it wasn’t until we found this shell laying near the trees at the bottom of the garden that we realised it must have been out gathering food. It was strange how tame and not scared of us it was.

132/365 Sunday 12th May – Out for another walk, this time out round Springwell (again). We came across this little fellow going like the hammers of hell across the path in front of us.

133/365 Monday 13th May – Its always interesting to see what destructive nature the people of the town cause over the weekend when waling to work on a Monday morning. I’m just glad that its something that can be easily fixed and that it’s not the flowerbeds as usual.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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