W/c – 06/05/2019

This weeks food was a little hit and miss. There were days when both my OH and me where not hungry at all and then days when only one of us were. It was a bit of a weird one. The next couple of weeks are going to be tough ones as I’m moving from weekly pay to 4 weekly, so going to scrimping every way that I can. It’ll maybe even force me to cut back on the amount of jun food bought at the weekends.

Anyway folks… here’s what I had for dinner this week…

Linda McCartney Sausages, Chips, Veg and Gravy.

I wanted something really different that I hadn’t had in ages. My OH wasn’t hungry this night so I thought I would go ahead and make my own dinner. It was so nice. Although I do have a habit of making way too much gravy, but hey, better to have too much than not enough… right?

Iceland’s Mediterranean pizza and Lidl Garlic Bread

This is the kind of thing that happens when I try and cook dinner for me and my OH. I placed the garlic pizza bread above the pizza in the oven and all the garlic dripped off it onto the pizza below. That’s the reason why the pizza looks so greasy and why the garlic bread is kind of burnt. Needless to say, my OH made dinner for the rest of the week after this. lol

What all have you been having for dinner? Something that tingles your taste-buds I hope.

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