#Project365 Wk18 (30th April – 6th May)

This week has went by a lot slower than the previous couple of weeks which I’m really surprised at. Tom was back at school after the Easter holidays… although it was only for the first 3 days and then he was off again for the May Day bank holiday. My OH was suppose to go with him, his mum and his nephew to the caravan in Donegal but decided that he was going to stay home so his brother Dom went in his place. It was weird not having Tom here for the full weekend. He’s never been away for that length of time without either one of us.

Anyway folks, here are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping…

120/365 Tuesday 30th April – You can’t quite make them out but this is a large patch of bluebells that I pass everyday when I go to work or even just when I take a walk down the street. They have to be one of the nicest flowers.

121/365 Wednesday 1st May – My two gorgeous girls.

122/365 Thursday 2nd May – Tom’s birthday is quick approaching and I’m really struggling with ideas. These I found in Tescos for £4… cheaper than I thought they would be and I think he’ll really like them.

123/365 Friday 3rd May – Planet Fun has arrived in the town for a couple of weeks. We originally thought it would only be there for the one weekend but it’s here two. It means that even though Tom was away for these weekend that we can still take him.

124/365 Saturday 4th May – We got out the house and went for a walk up along the bannside starting at the end. This is an image from the jetty a near at the picnic area near Somerset forest.

125/365 Sunday 5th May –I was messing about with the apps on my phone and realised that I had enough points for not only 1 subway but two… so we had a wee surprise trip.

126/365 Monday 6th May – Tom was away for the weekend with him Granny V and his uncle Dom down to the caravan in Donegal. I didn’t think it would that warm. Tom’s brown nose and red tan neck tell another story though.

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