W/c- 20/04/2019

This was going to be just a normal post about what movies I had watched throughout the week but with one of the most anticipated movies out and Me actually getting to see it on the day of release I thought I would dedicated it to it. Any other movie that I have watched will be moved to next weeks post.

Beware: Spoilers Ahead!!!!!

Avengers: EndGame

As many of you might know I am in a relationship with a self-confessed geek. A man that absolutely loves everything Star Wars, Superhero, DC and most importantly Marvel. I may not be the biggest fan of them but I won’t turn up my nose at watching grown, ‘fit’ men in tight costumes. This is why when asked I was all too happy to purchase tickets to the first showing of the Avengers: End Game movie when it was released on Thursday past.

Over the past 11 years Marvel and Disney have come out with some amazing movies. All of them leading to this point in time. From the Iron Man released in 2008 to Infinity War last year… it has all been leading up to release of End Game. And what a lead up it has been.

I will admit when the marvel movies started to be released I wasn’t really fussed on them but as more and more were released I found myself wondering what they were all about. It wasn’t until the release of Thor that I actually thought I would give the rest of them a watch. It had nothing to do with the fact that Chris Hemsworth was playing the lead. Although, I do remember my mouth watering a little when he came onto the screen with no shirt on and my OH turning to look at me.

When we left off Infinity War, Thanos had managed to retrieve all the infinity stones, snapped his fingers and half the universe was deteriorated to dust. Something which the remaining Avengers would try to undo in End Game. The thing that I loved about Infinity War was the fact that the bad guy got his way. He was able to do what he had set out to do. There isn’t many movies out there that this happens in and in my opinion it’s a nice change from the norm. Thanos then became, for me, a character that you love to hate.

Over the last few days my OH and I have constantly been debating what happened in the movie, how they could have made it better or what they could actually have left out of the movie. Instead of writing about the movie as a whole I’m going to write a list of things that I liked/disliked about the movie…So, if you haven’t seen the movie please stop reading now…

Some of the things I loved –

  • I absolutely loved the ending with everyone coming together. It just seemed so symbolic to the end of what has come
  • Captain America being able to lift Thor’s hammer. We all know that this was evidently when he nearly lifted the hammer in an earlier movie,
  • The humour –
  • Thor – I know a lot of people (my OH and Tom included) didn’t like him. The way that he was portrayed. The guilt that he must have felt.
  • Scarlet Witch nearly defeating Thanos.

Some of the things I didn’t quite like –

  • The scene at the end of the movie with all the female characters. There are loads of female characters in the MCU, Characters who by themselves can be the lead in their own movie without question. It just seemed way too much…especially since they didn’t actually defeat Thanos.
  • Time Heist!!! I really am not to biggest fan of time travel. It really fries my head when I start to think about anything into time travel any depth.
  • Captain Marvel being able to fly through Thanos’s ship and bring it down and yet when it came to actually fighting him she needed help.
  • The running time. Did it really have to be over 3 hours long?
  • Just how much it made me cry. I knew I would be doing some but I was not prepared for the amount I actually did.

Overall, I thought the movie was very well done, coming full circle. It wasn’t as good as its predecessor, Infinity War, but it definitely took at good stab at it. I would gladly watch it again and again, although I don’t think I would head back to the cinema for it.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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