W/c – 15/04/2019

I’ve been having a really long and hard think about this post, it’s not really taking off the way that I thought it would and I think I might spice it up a little. There are a few blogs I follow that do a ‘Word Of The Week’ post and I think that I might follow suit. It seems like an easier way to sum up my week rather than just writing about random things that have happened. I’m also hoping that it’ll maybe remember a things a little better… here’s hoping!

This week my Word Of The Week is…

Easter is just around the corner and its everywhere. Work and home! You may or may not know this but I work in the local Poundland in charge of the seasonal aisle and Easter is all I’ve been thinking about. How much stock can I get out… how much is going to sell… what’s going to be left over… how much will I be manifesting when it’s over? It’s usually all left up to me to do all the changeovers in the aisle but the boss messed up when he was doing the rota and actually put me off one of the busiest weekends in the store. DOH! So, I’m having a little bit of help with taking it all off and replacing the bays with summer items. I did manage to get five of the bays up before I left on Friday and all the stock was left caged up for them to just throw up once the Easter items have run down. There are 10 bays in total so they won’t have too much to do.

Tom started his Easter holidays this week. He didn’t actually get off until the Thursday which is unusually late as for the last couple of years they have been off the full two weeks. He’s only getting a week and a day. Either way we have a few things planned, not sure how they’ll pan out but we’ll see. It all depends on the weather.

For Easter this year I decided that I wasn’t for buying any eggs and I actually stuck to my guns. Tom will get plenty from outside the family so I don’t think he’ll miss having one more. Plus with him now being sick if he eats too much junk food I think its for the best. Instead, this year Tom, has requested some money for Fortnite so that’s what hell be getting.

I’ve never really been one for all the Easter hype, egg hunts, the Easter bunny and all that stuff, but this year I’ve decided that we should at least do something. So, I’ve bought a couple of crafting sets from work for me and Tom to do while sitting at the kitchen table. That’s if I can pull him away from the PlayStation for any length of time.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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