W/c – 07/04/2019

At the start of the week I thought I would get to watch loads but as the week went on that didn’t really come to light. Most of the week I ended up going to bed just after Tom. I was absolutely shatter for some reason.

Anyway folks, here are the movies I watched this week…

Ritual (2017)

4 guys go into a forest… in the dark… things happen! … thought it was going to be a Blair Witch type of movie but turned out worse … as in it was real people and not ghosts…

My Rating: 3/5

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

Went to see it when it originally came out but couldn’t remember anything about it. Not the best show on the planet but it past some time.

My Rating – 2/5

Star Wars Episode IX

I know it’s not a movie but in the house it might as well be… curtains closed, lights off, no-one allowed to speak until it’s over.

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