A Walk Around Springwell Forest – 30/03/2019

Tom was spending the weekend with his granny Sarah because she hadn’t seen him in so long so my OH and I decided that we would make the most of it. We thought that we would head out for the afternoon and go for a walk somewhere he hadn’t been to in years and somewhere I actually have never been to. We drove the short distance out of Coleraine toward Limavady and to Springwell Forest.

I’ve been trying to find a website that I could link to where you would be able to read all about the Forest, how long it’s been there etc, but strangely enough I can’t find one. There isn’t even a Wikipedia page for it and there’s usually one of those for everything. This is the only site I can find… Springwell Forest. It doesn’t tell you much about the forest but it does tell you what it’s like in the type of paths and trees you would find there.

Being a normal Saturday on the North Coast it was quite cold when we first started out. But finding that the path was a little harder to walk on that we are used to my OH and I found ourselves heating up quite quickly. We ended up having to take off our coats that we thought would have been a good idea to bring.

Heading into the forest I didn’t think that there would be much to take photos of but I soon found I was wrong. My OH was really annoyed that he didn’t bring his SLR. These are just some of the pictures I took of our walk.

Overall, I don’t think the forest would be one that we would take Tom to as it is just so long and kind of hard to walk on. I would definitely want to walk it again. Although, I think I would put on my proper walking shoes and not just wear my trainers.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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