W/c – 25/03/2019

I know I said that we may have to go back to planning our meals this week but things kinda worked out with finding loads of reduced items so we didn’t really have to plan ahead. The coming weeks are going to be really tough though got so many bills to pay.

Well peeps here’s what we had for dinner this week,,,

Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Burger with Potato Salad.

My OH’s brother recommended that we give these a go. He said that they tasted just like pulled pork, but never having actually tasted it, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was a lot more BBQ-y than I was expecting and liking my BBQ I was not disappointed.

Plant Kitchen’s No Chick Chicken Chunks in a Wholemeal Pitta Pocket.

After being in Marks and Spencer’s and spotting that they had reduced some of their Plant Kitchen items because of the date. I got lucky when I went to our local Sainsbury’s and picked up the pitta pockets at a reduced price. It was a very cheap and cheerful meal. You can read about how my OH prepared the meal here.

Linda McCartney Fishless Fish Fingers, Garlic Baby Potatoes and Veg.

Had been craving something fish like for a while and when I say these on offer in Sainsbury’s I jumped at the chance. They tasted just like the real thing. I also couldn’t believe when I found microwaveable garlic potatoes in Iceland. It was a very good meal. I even managed to convince Tom to have a few bites of the potatoes.

Anyway folks, what have you been eating this week? Something that has tingled your taste-buds I hope.

One thought on “W/c – 25/03/2019

  1. I regularly say I’m going to meal plan, print off meal planning sheets, check out blogs and recipe books but have yet to do it lol. I also bought the fishless fingers on offer in Sainsbury’s and was amazed by how like proper fish fingers they taste (it has been many years since I had one though!!!).


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