W/c – 18/03/2019

Ok I was just through my phone to find the images of my food fro last week and then I realised that any of the images I had taken were deleted because of a stupid update that I done on my phone. Not a happy bunny. But hey we live and we learn. It’ll teach me to backup my images as soon as I take them.

I did manage to save one image…

Spicy Wedges and Southern Fried Gravy

We just wanted something plain and simple for dinner and this was the easiest thing we could think to do. The gravy was a little runny for my liking but it hit the spot.

I’m thinking that in the coming week we’re going to have to start planning what we’re having for dinner again as money is getting a little tight and it’s the only way I can think to reign ourselves in a bit. We’ll see what happens.

Anyway folks, what have you been eating this week? Something that has tingled your taste-buds I hope.

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