The A to Z of Me!

As some of you may be aware I love this sort of thing. It’s something that I used to do ALL the time when I was growing up. A friend would have made a post on Facebook, Bebo or even just an email answering questions about themselves. I would have to delete their answers and fill in my own and then pass it back to them. There was just something about doing it that soothed me… don’t ask me why. So when I seen that a blogger I follow Northumberland Mam had done one of these I just had to jump on the bandwagon. So here goes…

A – Age? 32

B – Biggest Fear? Something happening to Tom or any member of my family that I cannot control.

C – Current Time? 18:29

D – Drink? A wee rum and cola

E – Everyday Need? Heat… I like my heat!

F – Favourite Song?3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

G – Ghost? Are they real? Definitely…. haven’t seen any that I’m aware of though.

H – Hometown? – Bushmills, N.ireland.

I – In Love With? My OH of course

J – Jealous of? – All those people who can afford to do something EVERY weekend with their kids, whether it be the cinema, bowling or whatever. Sometimes I can barely afford to get the shopping in.

K – Killed Someone? No… but like anyone there has been time when I wish I could’ve.

L – Last Time You Cried? – I can’t actually remember. It was probably at a movie when someone died… that always gets me… or a time when I got so frustrated that’s all I could do.

M – Middle Name? Elizabeth

N – Number of Siblings? 1 brother

O – One wish? That everyone I know and love live a happy and healthy life.

P – Person Who You Last Called? – Peter from the housing

Q – Question You’re Always asked? – You having a drink tonight? Yes, people I like a drink but I don’t drink every night!

R – Reasons To Smile? Friends and family.

S – Song Last Sung? TW James – When you love someone…. This song actually gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it a few weeks back.

T – Time you woke up? 6:30am… off work so got a lay in

U – Underwear Colour? – White with black flowers.

V – Vacation Destination? I would be happy with any destination to be honest.

W – Worst Habit? there are loads of habits I have that would be considered bad but I think my worst would probably be how ‘windy’ I can get.

X – X-rays You’ve Had? I know I’ve had my hand X-rayed. I dislocated my shoulder when I was younger but not sure if I had to an X-ray for that or not.

Y – Your Favourite Food? Curry!!

Z – Zodiac Sign? Libra

Feel free to copy and fill out for yourself. I would love to see your answers.

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