#Project365 Wk 11 (12th March – 18th March)

This week has been a weird one. We’ve spent most of the week tidying and throwing stuff out. It’s been a rough road trying to decide whether to keep something or not… but we’re taking the Marie Kondo route and asking ourselves “does this bring us true happiness?” That usually does the trick.

So, anyway, here are my 7 photos for 7 days…

71/65 – Tuesday 12th March – Sometimes I’m never too sure what I’m going to find when I get up in the morning. These were strategically placed on the kitchen table where my OH was obviously taking a photo of them for some reason. I didn’t bother asking.

72/365 – Wednesday 13th March – My two beauties.

73/365- Thursday 14th March – Another example of what I sometimes wake up to in the morning. In the process of ‘dunging out’ Tom’s room my OH has decided that all the Lego must be sorted as well. He either got bored or it got late and he couldn’t concentrate any more haha

74/365 – Friday 15th March – I read about these in a post on Instagram about a week back but I thought it would be ages before we would get the try them as our local supermarkets always seem to be the last to get anything new. Excited to try them.

75/365 – Saturday 16th March – We have a wall in the hall that sits beneath our stairs that we have been wondering what to do with. We thought that because our living room is so small we should move out the sideboard and try it there. It turns out it fits perfectly.

76/365 – Sunday 17th March – Our local Greggs have finally started doing their infamous vegan sausage rolls so needless to say I was going to get a couple to try them out.

77/365 – Monday 18th March – I’m always on the lookout for new items that come in in our deliveries at work. These wee things are new this week and they are so cute I just had to get this one of the cat and another of a frog. They are now placed proudly on one of the shelves in the back garden.

Anyway folks, thanks for reading, I hope you like what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J x

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