W/c – 10/03/2019

I can’t believe I got t see so many films this week. I’m still in shock. Especially since one night I watched two in a row.. I also got to the cinema for the first time since last year. I’ve decided it’s something that needs to happen more often. I really hope that I’ll be able to watch the same amount next week… it’s a good feeling that needs to continue

Anyway peeps, here is what I watched this week…

I Feel Pretty (2019)

OH went to bed because he was knackered so thought I would watch something he might not want to. Not really a chick flick fan but this wasn’t too bad… had a real feel good factor to it although some bits did go on a little longer than necessary but hey…

My Rating-2.5/5

Captain Marvel (2019)

The OH insisted we had to go and see this at the cinema before Avengers Endgame come on. I wasnt really bothered but went anyway. Wish I hadn’t. There was way too much going on. Brie Larson to me was just bland. I did find myself laughing at a few bits with the cat though. So for that I’m giving it an extra half point.

My rating – 2/5

Behind The Curve (2019)

A Netflix documentary that I’m even sure why I watched. It was fun to see them debunk their own theory at the end though

My Rating – 2/5

Beauty And The Beast (2019)

Was sitting on the laptop and thought why not have something playing in the background while I’m messing about. I’ve been very reluctant to watch any live action Disney movies since they started coming out but thought I would give this a go… I can see why I steered away from them though. It just wasnt the same. There were way too many songs that weren’t in the original which meant incoilsnt song along because I didn’t know the words.

My Rating – 2/5

Lego Movie 2 (2019)

Like many sequels wasnt as good as the first. If they had cut down on the musical numbers though it wouldn’t have been too bad! I would be very surprised if they did another one.

My rating – 2/5

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