#Project365 Wk 10 (5th March – 11th March)

This last week as been such a blur. It’s been hard to decipher which photo was from which day. I started reading again and it’s been so good to get lost in a different world. There were a few times when I was so lost that when my OH said something he scared the bajesus out of me… he found it rather funny… I did not!

Anyway peeps, here are my 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping.

64/365 – Tuesday 5th March – After watching a couple of episode of Marie Kondo on Netflix I came home from work to find that my OH had reorganised all our clothes.

65/365 – Wednesday 6th March – My walk to work in the morning.

66/365 – Thursday 7th March – The design on a t-shirt I spotted in our local Dunnes Stores. I immediately thought of Tom and how much he would love it.

67/365 – Friday 8th March – One of the cats has had a really weepy and raw looking eye this week so I thought it best to take her to the vet. Just to make sure she was ok. I could have cried when I was given the bill at the end. Good thing it was payday.

68/365 – Saturday 9th March – We got up this morning to find that one of the cats had knocked over a decorative jar I had made up. Not too worried about it as overall I think it cost me 75p.

69/365 – Sunday 10th March – First time the cats have slept like this in a long time I just had to take a picture.

70/365 – Monday 11th March – I woke at 5 in the morning to get ready for work to find that Tom had crawled in beside me. Something he hasn’t done in years.

Thanks for reading, I hope you like what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J x

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