W/c – 28/01/2019

This weeks food was a lot different from last week, there was a little more variety when it came to what we were having. Although I have come to realise that we do eat a lot of burgers, so this week there will be absolutely no burgers whatsoever. I also plan on getting my soup maker out of the back of the cupboard, something I’ve been planning to do for a couple of weeks now that the temperature has dipped a little.

Anyway folks, this is what I had for dinner last week…

On a side note…I still haven’t got the freezer defrosted yet. I’ll hopefully, get it done this week.

Marks and Spencers Plant Kitchen Beetroot burger and a slice of no Cheese Houmous Pizza.

served with chips and a dollop of sweet chilli mayo. It looks a little messy on the plate but by Gawd, it was very tasty.

My OH called this the defrosting the freezer curry.

I don’t even know what he put into it as he had it on when I came home from work. I don’t even think he knew.

Linda McCartney Veggie 1/4 pounder with some Fry’s ‘chicken’ nuggets.

OH put on some of the chilli mayo that he had made earlier in the week

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