#Project365 – Wk4 22nd Jan – 28th Jan

Usually, at this point in January, I’m complaining about how long it is and how it seems neverending; this year however it seems to be flying by. It could be that I haven’t sat down what with work and the such, or it could be because I’m actually paying attention to what happens day to day so that I can get my images for this and not just going through the motions as usual.

Anyway folks, here are my 7 images for 7 days… Happy snapping!

22/365 – 22nd January – IT’S SNOWING!!!! I get like a little kid when it starts to snow around this area. It brings me back to when I was a kid and me and my cousins would be building snowmen in our granny’s back garden or out on the green just outside her house.

23/365 – 23rd January – A nice healthy break for me today. Those that know me know that I absolutely detest porridge but I thought with my latest encounter with houmous and kale that I would give it another go. Yes, I did add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar to it but it wasn’t actually that bad… until I came to the end.

24/365 – 24th January – Tom had mentioned the previous week that he wanted to get his hair cut and we jumped at the chance. When he got in the chair though he was a little hesitant and it took him a few minutes to decide what he wanted done. This was the beginning where the hairdresser had to take quite a lot off just to use the clippers. Needless to say, he’s looking a lot older.

25/365 – 25th January – There’s an awesome sale on some of the home-ware items in work at the minute. Very proud of this. In total it cost me 75p. 25p for the glass jar and 50p for the pebbles and stones.

26/365 – 26th January – Tom decided to show his granny Sarah something from an ad for TikTok that he had seen in one of the games. The one where the man puts a jacket around his waist, bends over and then he looks like a little kid. She found it quite amusing.

27/365 – 27th January – Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest… a day to do the rest of the laundry, the rest of the housework and the rest of the stuff I couldn’t be bothered doing on Saturday.

28/365 – 28th January – Tom had started watching video on YouTube about cats and hacks to do with them. He came across one where it told you how to make your own cat toy so he obviously wanted to give it a go. Gin absolutely loved it. Ger… not so much.

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