W/c – 14/01/2018

Food this week has been very different from what we’ve been having recently. We’ve found so many new items that we’ve been wanting to try. Most of which has turned out to be absolutely gorgeous… if you can even describe food being gorgeous. I did find the potato salad a little too filling and I couldn’t eat all of it… although that could have been because of the two burgers I had with it.

On a side note, we’ve finally gotten back to eaten dinner at a reasonable hour. Instead of around 8 or 9, it’s been between 6 and 7.

Anywho peeps, these are some of the things I had for dinner this week…

M&S’s Plant Kitchen Fishless Fishcakes, vegan coleslaw and chips.

You can read all about what I thought of the fishcakes here.

Icelands No Cheese Houmous Pizza.

I was pleasantly surprised with this pizza. I wasn’t expecting i to be as nice as it was. I’m currently in the process of doing a post for it which will be uploaded at some point next week.

Beetroot Burger, Potato salad and salad.

All from Plant Kitchen, Marks and Spencers new range.

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