Goal Review

This week not only sees the start of a new month but the start of a new year and it’s so hard to believe that 2018 is over. It feels like only a couple of weeks ago that my OH and I were saying ‘Happy New Year’ to each other and planning what we would be doing throughout the year. Little did we know that things would not turn out the way we had planned. And if I’m completely honest I couldn’t see it far enough.

Being the start of the year I thought I would go over the goals that I had set myself in September; just to see how far I’ve come with them or if they’ve been completely gone by the wayside. I have a feeling that most of them will be nothing but a memory… but let’s see.

  1. Save a little more money… I had started out saving a little more of my wages but with Christmas fast approaching and being messed about with our Universal Credit, the money has slowly disappeared. Hopefully with it all being over the money will start to gather up again.
  2. Start drinking more water… This I know has been going better than before. When in work I would have usually reached for a bottle of Pepsi max whereas now I would go for a bottle of water. Makes me need to go to bathroom a little more often but healthier for you.
  3. Learn to cook for scratch… This has completely gone by the wayside. Mainly because it’s my OH who makes most of the main meals in the house.
  4. Get out and walk more… again not much as changed with this. We have had a few wee trips out to the local forests and such but definitely not enough for it to have made a difference.
  5. Read more… I am very happy to say that I actually managed to finish the book that I had started what seems like an age ago. And I was really disappointed when I realised that the next book in the series isn’t actually released until later on in the year.
  6. Eat more fruit and veg… I’ve found that this has been quite easy. Because my OH has turned vegan and Tom is now vegetarian, we as a family are eating way more veg than we were previously. Although the veg that Tom has been eating has been made into burgers, sausages, and the like.
  7. Lose a bit of weight… I’ll just not talk about this lol
  8. Cut back on the junk… This was going good up until Christmas where we let it slid a little because you… it’s Christmas. Coming into the New Year though it will be back on track.
  9. Up my exercise… Sorry to say this is another one which has been a non-starter. I just haven’t had the motivation for anything too strenuous. Although with all the moves I’ve been required to do in work over the Halloween and Christmas period I think that should count toward it.

I know that if I had set my mind to it that I could’ve hit all these goals out of the park so to speak, but I’m happy with the progress that I have made in some of them. And hopefully with the start of the new year I will be ale to get back on track with them all.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J xxx

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