W/c – 03/12/2018

This week has had some major ups and downs, it really so hard to put into words. so I’m just going to go ahead and show my images for this week and hopefully all will be explained…

Here they are folks… 7 images for 7 days… happy snapping.

Monday 03/12/2018 – This was a really dark day for me, I heard the news that an old colleague of mine has suddenly passed away. Unfortunately, it seems that he took his own life. What he didn’t understand was that he had so many friends around him that would have been all too willing to sit and listen to him if he had given them the chance. This is why I decided not to have an image for today. it just didn’t seem right. R.I.P Wilson! You will be greatly missed! 

Tuesday 04/12/2018 – This is the scene that I got up to today. Obviously, the cats were annoyed with me being in bed for so long after just finishing a night shift. Not one bit happy… especially since they broke an ornament we got from Tom’s aunt when he was born. 

Wednesday 05/12/2018 – New day new tree. Just a wee cheapy one from work. Just to do us this year and hopefully get another better one in the sales in January.

Thursday 06/12/2018 – This is one of the reasons why I love working where I do. We get to see all the new items that come in before anyone else. I always have to have a gander through the blu-rays before anyone else. 

Friday 07/12/2018 – nothing better than sitting down with a good cuppa and few choccie biscuits!

Saturday 08/12/2018 – There is nothing better to be at on a Saturday evening than to have a wee pamper session. Some radox, bubble-bath, and a facemask… nothing better

Sunday 09/12/2018 – Today was a perfect day for a jammy day… and that just what we had.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J xxx

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