Downhill Forest – 02/12/2018

Being the last day of my holiday on Sunday and before I went back to work that Monday, we thought that we would make the most of it and get out of the house The fact that it wasn’t raining and it was quite mild outside was also a bonus. So when we had all risen and had our breakfast, we wrapped up nice and warm (two pairs of socks, a long sleeve under our normal t-shirts, and of course our hats and gloves.)

Once everyone was happed up,  nice and toasty we set off in the car not really sure where we were going. Tom wasn’t particularly fussed on actually getting out of the house so we thought that we would go to a place he loves. The forest. Just a few miles out the road past Articlave, near  Castlerock on the left-hand side is one of my favourite forests. It’s never that busy as most people go for the forest on the right-hand side but as it’s run by the National Trust we tend to stay away from it. When walking around it also seems quite flat. Apart from the steep walk down into and out of it you don’t notice the climb in around it. (Well I don’t lol)

These are some of the images that I took during our walk. Some of the aren’t very good because they were taken on my phone and the zoom isn’t that good.

All in all, apart from a little spat with Tom at the start about him complaining his legs were sore, my OH and I really enjoyed it. Tom soon came around when we spotted the squirrel in the tree across the river. It was so nice to get out of the house and do something as a family. The only thing that would have made it better would be if Amy had been with us but she had other plans so couldn’t make it down this weekend. We’re hoping that this will be the start of us getting out and about again. (fingers crossed).

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