W/c – 19/11/2018

There hasn’t really been a lot that has happened this week. It’s just mainly been work, home, sleep and eat for the most part. Tom had the dentist on Thursday which he was really nervous about, although probably not as nervous as I was. Absolutely hate that place. 

We went to the turning on if the Christmas lights on Friday night, something I haven’t done in years because I’m usually working it. If I’m completely honest it’s not something I would rush back to… if I hadn’t have met my OH’s sister we probably wouldn’t have stayed as long as we did. Tom had a blast though and I suppose that’s all that matters. 

Anyways, here are my 7 photos for 7 days… happy snapping people. 

Monday – 19/11/2018

Thomas has decided to write one of his favourite YouTubers a letter. He spent so long writing out his address onto a piece of paper and was so annoyed when we told him he would have to write it out again on an envelope. 

Tuesday -20/11/2018

All the different colours that I was using to paint my sugar skull cat. You would think I would be finished it by now but no… such a perfectionist. Keep seeing bits that I’ve missed and areas that need to be touched up. 

Wednesday – 21/11/2018

Finally got it finished. Well, as finished as I can without messing it up even more. If I keep going over the same bits, again and again, it’s going to look a complete mess. On a whole I’m quite pleased with the outcome of it… hoping my OH will print me out something else for me to paint up.

Thursday -22/11/2018

Tom had to the dentist today. I know for a fact that I was way more nervous than him. I absolutely hate the place. He was a complete trooper though. Unfortunately, he did need a little composite filling on one of his back teeth the rest sealed but that was only a precaution. I think though it has finally gotten into his head just how important it is to brush his teeth; especially before bed. 

Friday – 23/11/2018

Tom had said that he wanted to go to the turning on of the Christmas lights for the town. I had wanted to get a few more images to maybe make a post but as he was too busy playing Pokemon Go this was the only image I got, It’s of the choir from one of the local schools singing before Santa arrived for the big switch on.

Saturday -24/11/2018

If you can’t see what you’re looking at, there’s a small blackbird sitting in the middle of a pile of leaves. It looked so lonely when I saw it was walking back from Tesco’s today. It was sat all by itself. I wanted to go over to it to see if it was hurt but I was scared that it would fly away.

Sunday – 25/11/2018

More painting was done over the weekend. This time it was a couple of Snowmen and Santa for my OH’s mum. My OH had began painting it, hence the reason why it’s green. The original colours associated with Santa before Coke Cola got their hands on him and turned it red. 

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J xxx

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