My Meals – w/c 12/11/2018

Was trying to be so good with food this week, I’ve been having my breakfast, lunch and dinner… and all at the proper (ish) times. That was until the end of the week when things just kind of went to pot. I’m really hoping that next week will be different. We’ve even tried getting Tom to eat other things apart from Quorn nuggets and Vegan Sausage rolls. I know they’re better for him that the normal ones but I would still like to try and get some ‘proper’ food into his system. 

Anyway people here were my dinners for this week…

Monday – 12/11/2018

A curry we were supposed to have on Saturday night… always tastes better a couple of days later I say. 

Tuesday – 13/11/2018

The I can’t be bothered to cook anything from scratch so Ill just bung some stuff in the oven meal… as named by my OH. It consists of chips, waffle and a Tesco spicy bean burger with a dollop of ketchup and sweet chilli sauce. 

Wednesday – 14/11/2018

Iceland’s No Bull Burger, a Spicy Bean Burger and a Waffle all in a burger bun… This I had to eat with a knife and fork. To some people’s surprise there was no-way that my mouth was fitting around this! 

Thursday – 15/11/2018

Tesco’s exclusive Wicked Kitchen Curried Cauli, Onion Bhaji and Coconut Rice. Was reduced due to date so thought my OH and I would give it a go. Would save him from slaving over a hot stove and making the curry that I was asking him to make. 

Friday – 16/11/2018

A Linda McCartney Vegetarian Country Pie with chips and veg. This is the kind of dinner I could eat every night of the week. So tasty!

Saturday – 17/11/2018

I’ve got the beginning of a really bad head cold starting so I got my OH to make us a nice and hot Jalfrezi curry with Tesco’s meat free chicken style pieces. The sauce itself was just from a jar but it was still lovely and at the minute has stopped me from sniffling as much.

Sunday – 18/11/2018

Went out to collect Tom from his gran’s and by the time I got home I was famished. So frozen pizza and garlic bread to the rescue. Simply, tasty and the quickest thing I could think of that wasn’t a pot noodle.

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout! J xxx

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