W/c – 05/11/2018

This week has been a really funny one. I thought at the start of the week that it was dragging in. Time seemed to be going so slowly especially when I was at work. Although it could have been because we had two really big days. But hump day (Wednesday) came and went time just seemed to fly in. I was sitting last night (Saturday) thinking it was only Friday.

You’ll be happy to know that Christmas has been well and truly started. Was going to wait to Black Friday to try and get Tom’s main gift but I couldn’t wait and I thought I would get it while I had to money. Just wee bits and pieces to get now and I’m sorted! Go me!!

We’ve been trying to do more with Tom this week, even if it is just around the house. He’s getting really into the painting of the 3D printed models his dad is printing out we have been sitting at the table most nights with a paintbrush in our hands. It can be quite therapeutic and calming when you get into it. We’ve also watched a few movies which he picked. Something that doesn’t happen very much because he always seems to pick the same ones. We’re hoping that the coming week will be the same, I’m even thinking of letting him have his own page on here where he is able to post photographs and such of all the things he has done, etc. What do you think? A good or bad idea? Let me know in the comments below.

Anyway, folks here are my 7 photos for 7 days … happy snapping people!

Monday 05/11/2018

Would you believe me when I said a few hours ago that there were at least four really big houses that stood here? They were bought over by some big name in the town quite a few years ago and when he recently refurbished the houses next to them we were hoping he would carry on down the street but unfortunately after quite a number of malicious fires due to kids they were deem structurally unsound so they had to come down. Such a shame in my eyes but hopefully something a little more substantial than a block of flats will be built in its place.

Tuesday 06/11/2018

This is the face of a cat that is saying FML. Gin was nice and settled on a box of material she usually lays in when Ger came along and plonked down beside her. Ger managed to manoeuvre herself where she was taking up most of the box. Gin obviously had had enough and five minutes after this image was taken went upstairs to lay on one of the three beds we have.

Wednesday – 07/11/2018

Tom busy painting his 3D printed Loki. Would probably be better using the paint on walls though.

Thursday – 08/11/2018

Out for a wander around the town with my mum spotting something that mum hasn’t seen before. The Victorian water fountain. It is thought that a borehole drew the spring water from 80ft below the surface. In its hay day, it would have been most peoples only source of fresh water and as such, it became an informal meeting place. It has only in the last few years been given a listed monument status.

Friday – 09/11/2018

Santa’s little helpers hard at work making sure the seasonal aisle is ‘perfect’ for our ‘perfect day’ in our store.

Saturday – 10/11/2018

Out in the garden feeding the birds my, OH just happened to look over and spot that the frost had gotten to my ‘hear no evil’ monkeys. The other two aren’t too bad they might be able to be saved with a bit of glue but I fear there won’t be any way back for this little fellow 😦

Sunday – 11/11/2018

As it is Armistice Day I thought it only fitting that today’s image should be that of the war memorial situated in the town. We were able to get out of work to go and watch the service. 100 years… least we forget!

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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