My Meals – w/c 05/11/2018

Hey folks, well what can I say? This week’s meals have been absolutely atrocious. Between not being bothered to cook and not having time for anything I think I’m just going to write this week off as a bad one and start again lol. This next week will be SO much better! or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. My OH has been warned that there will be no rubbish bought this week so he has to make the most of it while there is still some in the house. There will also be no late nights being done in work and the fridge/freezer will be stocked with all the loveliness that is food. So, hopefully, in next weeks post, you will see a lot more of the green stuff and lot less of the beige stuff!

Anywho on with the meals. This is what was for dinner this week (well mine at least) –

Monday – 05/11/2018

I actually forgot to get an image of it but as I was doing yet another evening shift at work I ended up having a sweet chilli Chicken wrap from work. Wasn’t the best or healthiest of things to have but as I forgot I was working it was the best I could do at such late notice.

Tuesday – 06/11/2018




An Iceland’s No Bull Asian burger and waffle sandwich. Something so simple and really filling. So filling in fact that I couldn’t actually finish it.





Wednesday – 07/11/2018

Fry Family Spicy 3-bean Pasty and chips. I had planned to have some veg with it but I realised that I didn’t have any when I came to actually put it on. Hence the reason why it looks so ‘beige’. You can read all about what I thought of the pasty here.





Thursday – 08/11/2018

Homemade chicken curry with rice and chips. Nom nom nom. Think I could use to this having my dinner made for me… even if it does mean I have to do the dishes.






Friday – 09/11/2018

Pasta bake with some garden peas… a lot of garden peas. Made by my OHs brother and given to me because he’s decided he doesn’t like peas. I think he just put too many in the dish lol








Saturday – 10/11/2018

Feel asleep for a bit around dinner time and when I woke up I was famished and couldn’t wait for any length of time to cook anything of any substance so it was a pot noodle to the rescue…. ssssh… don’t tell my mum!






Sunday – 11/11/2018

My OH had made us a filled baguette for lunch after I came home from work at 1pm, so by the time, it was dinnertime neither of us was hungry.  And it wasn’t until I was about to head to bed that I realised I hadn’t eaten anything except a packet of crisp since I had to baguette so I had the only thing I could think of… sliced banana on toast.


Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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