Fry Family Spicy 3-Bean Pasty


Another random find from our local Sainsburys. I was sent to get some vegan chicken slices yo try Tom on for his school lunches (he didn’t like them…) when I spotted these sitting along with the vegetarian items. They were the last two and had been marked down to £1.25 each so I thought I would take them and we could give me a go some night. Well, tonight was that night.

Reading up on the Fry Family Food Co. and all the foods that they do I found it interesting that Wally was an ‘avid meat lover’ before he met Debbie, who was actually brought up vegetarian from birth. It rings so many bells with me and my OH. I’ll admit that I still do eat some meat and dairy products but with him turning vegan I don’t eat nearly as much as what I use to. And if I can avoid buying anything animal based when I’m out and about I will.



Reading through the nutritional information on the back of the packet and comparing it to a Gregg’s Sausage and Bean Melt, I was extremely surprised by the lack of difference between each value.  I’ve found that every other vegan food stuff I’ve had the nutritional values have been so much better.


Being that the pastry can be eaten hot or cold I found it strange that instead of being heated in the microwave it was suggested that it was heated in the oven for 15 minutes on a temperature of 180°C which would be the temperature and time required for me to cook the chips that I would be eating with it.

The overall taste of the pasty was nice enough. I found it to be quite dry, although my OH said he thought it very palatable. He did, however, suggest that if I had done it in the microwave it might have been a little moister. I feel that if I was to try again with this pasty, I would have to try and heat it a different way. I think that if I was to get this right then it could be part of a very tasty meal. However, as it stands, I don’t think that I would hurry out to buy it again. If it was on offer then there is a possibility that I may buy it though as an ‘I can’t be bothered to cook’ meal… I would, however, be interested to see what their chicken style stripes or their southern style tenders taste like. I don’t think I will be buying them any time soon though as they are quite expensive compared to the likes of Iceland’s ‘No Chicken Stripes’.

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