My Meals For The Week – w/c 29/10/2018

As I said last week I would be doing something a little different with my post about my meals. Just to see how it goes, and because my OH has decided to make the dinners during the week for us, I thought I would instead of having a meal plan for the week coming in I would do a ‘What we had’ post. Not sure how it’s going to go and you’ll probably see all the same things being repeated again and again, but then again it’s all a learning process and if I need to change things up I will.

Most of the meals we had this week consisted of bread, bread and more bread. It’s not something that would usually happen but we just wanted something quick, easy and tasty. It didn’t help that I was doing two-night shifts which meant for those two nights I had to get my own. Next week will see everything return to normal. Tom will be back at school after the half-term holidays and I won’t be doing any more nights… well not until December.

Anyway on with our meals… this is what we/I had –




Monday – 29/10/2018

Panini filled with Tesco meat free chicken pieces done in Tesco Rogan Josh curry sauce.






Tuesday – 30/10/2018

Doing an evening shift at work to start taking off all Halloween stock in anticipation for Christmas. Something quick, easy and completely without taste!







Wednesday – 31/10/2018

Sweet Chilli Crispy wrap and fries from McDonald’s. A little treat during the night. It’s been so long since I’ve had one and to be honest it wasn’t all that. The wrap was just about editable and the fries were cold and covered in salt! … kind of glad that I wasn’t the one paying for it.






Thursday – 01/11/2018

Another baguette with fillings. Can’t go wrong with a baguette. This time it was filled with the Iceland No Chicken Fillets along with some of Iceland’s rainbow salad. There were a few spices and whatnot thrown into the mix such as curry and paprika powder, All I have to say is that it was bloody lovely!





Friday – 02/11/2018

OH was suppose to make the dinner tonight but he was absolutely knackered so just threw a pizza on. Goodfellas vegan to the rescue. I thought I had previously done a review post on this but have just looked and actually haven’t so I think I will have to rectify that in coming days.





Saturday – 03/11/2018

Yet another baguette. This time it was filled with Iceland’s No Chicken Stripes covered in some spices along with Iceland’s Rainbow Salad. I think when I said I could eat a baguette every day my OH took it literally. It was still bloody lovely though.




Sunday – 04/11/2018

Tonight’s dinner had a little more substance to it. I had been moaning about not getting a curry the whole week so OH said that he would make me one. Even if it was just the sauce out of a jar. We realised that we didn’t have any rice so he just bunged on some chips. It wasn’t quite the same but it hit the spot where I was concerned. The curry consisted of some of Iceland’s no Chicken Striped fried up and then a jar of Tesco’s own brand Jalfrezi curry sauce thrown on top and heated. Doesn’t look the prettiest but by god was it lovely! 

Anyway, friends, thanks for reading, hope you liked what you read and if you did please make sure to like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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