#Project365 – w/c 22/10/2018

I half term is up’on us which means 7 days of “I’m bored… I’ve got nothing to do”. I hope my OH is ready for it for I will be at work and although I wish I wasn’t. This week also sees the change over from Halloween to Christmas so will be run off my feet, definitely be working for my wages this week.

Anyway, folks here are my 7 photos for 7 days… happy snapping people!


Today was Tom’s parent-teacher meeting and it went so much better than I thought it would. He’s been getting on so well this year. A lot better than he was last year. He’s excelling at his maths and his English is right on track. I put this down to his dad being in the house and helping him with his homework. He has a more relaxed way of dealing with him when it comes to his schoolwork.

Tuesday – 23/10/2018

Went to have a pot noodle for my lunch today as a quick fix for hunger. What I didn’t realise was that my OH had previously been using the hob to make a start on tonight’s dinner…..

Wednesday – 24/10/2018

Tom has been recently been watching a YouTuber by the name of Mat3756. He has a great fondness for the claw machines in arcades. This is the reason why we went to Portrush with him for the day around his birthday. Well, I just happened to spot this in Tesco’s. It would be perfect for him for Christmas. A little stocking filler to hopefully put a smile on his face.

Thursday – 25/10/2018

The lights have been bought for under the floating shelves in the kitchen. Not what we’re after in the long run but they’ll do for now until we can afford better ones.

Friday – 26/10/2018

Spent the night carefully painting and glueing on a set of false nail and as per usual can’t get through 1 day without at least 1 of them coming off… this time though I lost 3 of them. Suppose that’s what I get for working in retail constantly opening boxes of stock.

Saturday – 27/10/2018

We got some major hail in the middle of the night. Was so heavy it set off the neighbour’s car alarm. I, of course, slept through the whole thing. Much to the surprise of everyone I told. lol

Sunday – 28/10/2018

Can’t believe I got to lay into this time… was awake for a good hour though just scrolling through my phone. Had the best nights sleep as well 🙂

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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