#Project365 – w/c 15/10/2018

Every time I go to put up my #Project365 post it always makes me think about how quickly this year has gone. It just seems to be flying by… and I’m not happy about it one bit. In under 2 weeks it will be Halloween… and just over 9 weeks until Christmas! Where has this year gone? Anyway, this week I struggled so bad to get images. That was until the weekend. That always seems to be the time when I get the most and I find it hard to decide what to put up.

Anywho… here are my 7 photos for 7 days… happy snapping people…

Monday 15/10/2018

This is why I love this time of the year. Look at all the different colours. Have to get Tom down to do a bit of conker hunting this week at some point.

Tuesday – 16/10/2018

So, my OH and I decided that we wanted to decorate the kitchen again. Get rid of the cupboard we keep our cups in and put up two long shelves and put our plates and all on them on display. Well, this is what I walked into when I got home from work today. He decided to take everything out of the cupboard and

Wednesday – 17/10/2018

We’ve recently just let Tom start to play online with his friends using his headset. I’m not too sure whether it’s a good or a bad idea but it’s happened. He still has to learn that he doesn’t have to shout for them to hear him.

Thursday – 18/1/2018

Mum has recently been saying that she wanted to take a trip to Ballymoney to go through the shops. Something she hasn’t done in a while. When up there we took a walk through the memorial site for Mr Joey Dunlop. This is the statue that was erected in his memory after he was tragically killed while racing in Estonia in 2000. There is also a statue of his brother Robert, who like Joey, was similarly killed at a practise race at the NW200. A race which is held through the local ‘triangle’ area of the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

Friday – 19/10/2018

Christmas is definitely coming. Had to pop into our local B&Q for some glue for my OH and this is the scene that I walked into. Even though I work in the seasonal aisle it still doesn’t feel like Christmas is coming because we still have Halloween out. It definitely feels like Christmas now though when you see the large garden figure coming out. Next, it will be the tree room that they put up every year.

Saturday – 20/10/2018

This is Ger. Our cat who for some reason has now started sleeping with her eyes open. Was really freaky the first time we saw her doing it. We thought there was actually something wrong until we noticed that she was still breathing.

Sunday – 21/10/2018

Halloween is here… it’s finally not too early to put up the decorations! Think the fact our hall is still sitting only half decorated adds a little something more to the effect… what you think?

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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