Meal Plan – w/c 08/10/2018

Again I hate to say it but last weeks meal plan was a bust! I’m beginning to wonder why I even try and plan out what we’re having for dinner each night. The only thing we had last week was the Pasta and Sauce but that was on Friday night instead of the Monday. This week I am determined to stick to this plan and I don’t care what my OH or Tom says. They will eat what’s on the menu or go hungry! As we didn’t eat anything from our plan last week and I still have most of the items in the cupboards, most of what will on this weeks plan is a repeat from last week.

So, here are this week’s meals –

  • Monday – Sausage rolls and Beans
  • Tuesday – Going to try out Iceland’s No Bull Chilli and Rice (could very well be post worthy)
  • Wednesday – Goodfellas Vegan Pizza with garlic bread
  • Thursday – Homemade Burger and Chips
  • Friday –  Some form of Curry
  • Saturday – Slow cooker Lasange and Chips
  • Sunday –  Linda McCartney Country Pie and Chips

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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