Koko Dairy Free Vs Rice Dream Rice Milk

With my OH turning vegan about 6 months ago we have been discovering it hard to find a dairy-free milk alternative that the whole family enjoys. At the moment we have settled on Koko Dairy free milk as it seemed to taste the most like the normal milk that we were all used to. It is still a little too creamy for my liking though so I’ve been on the lookout for something else that we can all enjoy.

However, my OH’s sister, who is lactose-intolerant, had mentioned that her favourite was rice milk. So, I thought I would give it a try and do a little comparison post to let you know what we all thought of it. I’ve come up with four trials to see if there is a difference and to see which one the family prefers.

  1. Tom’s opinion
  2. In our tea and coffees
  3. Bowl of cereal for me
  4. A straight-up glass of milk

Trial 1 – Tom is very particular about his milk. It HAS to taste like the real stuff or he won’t even touch it. Even if he likes it. So, when he came looking for his bowl of cereal before bed that he always gets we thought this would be the best opportunity to try out the rice milk on him. We thought it best to tell him that we didn’t have enough cereal for him to have his normal sized bowl so he would have to have a little bowl if he still wanted his cereal in the morning. He wasn’t too happy about it but took the bowl anyway.

all done

After about 15 minutes and not hearing anything from him he came into the kitchen where my OH and I were sitting at the table and casually placed his bowl in the sink without saying a word. We classed this as a win as he didn’t mention a word about the milk tasting any different. The only thing he did mention was that it was a little dry but that was my fault not putting enough into the bowl. He seemed really surprised when we told him it was a different milk from the one that we usually give him. He even went so far as to accuse me of giving him normal cows milk again.

Trail 2 – With the Koko milk, I found that the taste of it with my tea was a little too creamy for my liking. It was like drinking full-fat milk which I haven’t done in years and makes me feel sick after so long. The only way I was to overcome this was to add an extra sugar into it which I wasn’t too happy about as I’m trying to cut down on the amount of sugar that I’m taking. When I tried the rice milk in my tea, I didn’t need that extra sugar. It was completely fine with only the one. I don’t think I would go so far as to have none at all in it but it’s nice to be back down again. I may try taking out a little at a time but for now, I’m happy with one. My OH says he can’t really tell the difference between the kinds of milk in his tea or coffee so I’m taking that as a win as well.


Trial 3 – Like Tom, I’m fond of a bowl of cereal before bed and it’s what I usually have for my break at work. When at work I would usually go for soya milk if there isn’t any of the normal green topped or semi-skimmed milk in the canteen fridge. When at home though I have to go for whatever is in the fridge which is usually the Koko milk. Even though it is very nice with a bowl of shreddies as I mentioned before I still find that it can be a little too creamy and I usually end up leaving some of the cereal and throwing the remains out for the birds.

When I tried the rice milk, however, I found that I was able to eat the full lot. For me, it is the nicest out the whole lot. It wasn’t too creamy and it didn’t have an overpowering taste the way that some soya kinds of milk can have. It was clearly the winner for me in the trail.

Trial 4 – Not being a big straight milk drinker, I usually only have it in my tea or my cereal so this was the biggest trial for me. When drinking it normally I find that I can only take so much before either throwing the rest down the sink or giving it to Tom to finish off. This happened when I poured myself a glass of the Koko milk. In fact, not even my Oh or Tom could drink a full glass of it. This was a completely different story when it came to the Rice milk. Both Tom and I were able to finish a glass no problem; I even found myself looking for another glass of it.

Verdict – After all four trials where done, can without a doubt say that the Rice milk is my absolute favourite. It goes perfectly with tea/coffee, it works perfectly with any cereal and even I can drink a full glass of it without screwing up my face. I would say to anyone even if they aren’t vegan or lactose intolerant to give it a try. It has definitely changed my mind about dairy alternative milk.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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These Opinions are that of my own and no-one else’s. I have not been paid in any way for writing this review. 

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