#project365 – w/c 24/09/2018

I’ve been really last when it comes to taking images at the minute. I really struggled to get ones for this week. It could be that I was so busy with work and the like so I’m hoping that with me being off work this week coming there will be a lot more photos taken. We haven’t really got a lot of things planned apart from taking a day to blitz the house from top to bottom. Something that has been needing to be done for a loooooong time now!

Anyways, here are my images for this week… happy snapping!


Monday 24/09/218

Making herself comfy on the OH’s side of the bed, while I have a nap myself.

Tuesday – 25/09/2018

My OH got VERY excited about these. Although because I haven’t bought them he hasn’t had to chance to try them.

Wednesday – 26/09/2018

The rota has gone up and I’m officially off on a week holiday next week! Cannot wait!

Thursday – 27/09/2018

OH has decided to start selling 1/6 scale items to see if he can make some money toward his bills. At the minute they are just up on eBay but he’s hoping to start up an Etsy shop when he gets enough items made.

Friday – 28/09/2018

I had this as my Friday Photo this week but thought I would include it in here as well because the wee thing is just so cute! Shame about his foot falling off! Oops

Saturday – 29/09/2018

A small surprise trip to Belfast for my birthday. A big plush hotel bed and a power shower… couldn’t ask for anything better!

Sunday – 30/09/2018

Being in Belfast we had to visit the scene of the bank building fire a couple of weeks ago. I still can’t believe how quickly the building seemed to go up. And the number of surrounding businesses that have been affected by it! And are affected by it.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx



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