Portrush West Strand – 20/09/2018

After what seemed like a very long day being stuck in the house yesterday due to storm Ali, my OH and I decided that we needed to get out and do something that we hadn’t done in a while. Go for a walk. The last walk that we went on was Banagher Glens back in July. You can read all about it here.  Although, because I am still waiting to see about getting the car fixed (long story) we couldn’t go too far. So, we decided to head a little north of where we live to Portrush and walk along the West Strand beach. Something I don’t we have done in a few years as it is usually the Castlerock or Downhill beach that we head to.

Even though the weather was a little better than it had been you could feel the nip in the air, winter is definitely on its way. I was surprised to see just how many people were braving the elements. There was even a group of people who seemed to be getting surfing lessons. Which I was really shocked at as the sea seemed to be choppier than usual what with yesterdays storm.

The walk itself wasn’t too long. We only walked about halfway along the path before Tom’s complaining about how cold it was got the better of us and we decided to turn back. It turned out to be a good idea because as soon as we got back into the car the rain started. If we hadn’t turned back when we did we would have been caught in it and Tom and his father would have been soaked to the bone; as I was the only one smart enough to bring a coat.

I really enjoy getting out of the house and going somewhere where we hadn’t been in a while. It was good to blow the cobwebs away and I’m hoping that weather permitting we will be able to get out more. Even if it is for half an hour or an hour.

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