My Goals

Over the past few months when Tom was off school for his summer holidays and with my OH being out of work our days were a little less structured than I would have liked. Now Tom is back at school we are somewhat back to normal routine. But during those summer months, most of the things we had were done on the spur of the moment. Things like heading to Portrush for the day, going out to see my mum, or even just going to the shops. I’ve found that doing it this way and not planning anything isn’t helping when it comes to the money situation we are in. I.e. not having any.

So, I have decided to set myself some goals now there is some sort of routine to our day. Goals that are by no means achievable for even me when I put my mind to it. Most of the goals that I plan on setting myself are ongoing which means there won’t be any end date for them. Although I am hoping that I will have them in full swing come Halloween or even Christmas at the latest. I’m also hoping that by writing down these goals that I will actually be able to stick with them and see them through to the end.

  1. Save a little more of my wages each week, so that if anything crops up I will have the extra money there to deal with it at the time.
  2. Start drinking more water and cut down on the fizzy stuff. I think this may be one of the reasons why I feel constantly tired.
  3. Learn to cook more from scratch and broaden my pallet in the process. I think everything tastes so much better when it’s cooked from scratch. Although I usually find myself too tired to cook or I always leave it too late in the day and don’t realise the time.
  4. Get out and walk more. I use to be able to walk for miles and it wouldn’t faze me, now I can barely walk to the shop at the bottom of the hill without my legs starting to hurt. I’m constantly on the go at work but to me, this is a different type of exercise.
  5. Try and read a little every day. I use to love reading and there was a time when you would find me without a book in my hand. Nowadays, however, I find that even when I think of picking up a book I get so tired. I’m putting this down the lack of hydration and exercise and such and I’m hoping that when I get all those goals sorted that the others will just fall into place.
  6. Eat more fruit and veg. This is not just for myself. I’m hoping that if I do start eating more, that when Tom sees me he will follow suit. He’s never been into eating any vegetables and it’s really starting to worry me. This is why I’m ok when he says he wants to go veggie. It means that when he is eating his meat substitute that he is at least getting some form of vegetable into his body.
  7. Try and lose this extra weight that seems to have crept on over the last few months.
  8. Cut back on all the junk food that is brought into the house. This is to help with number 7. I’m hoping by doing this that it will help me lose the extra weight, maybe give me a little more energy and get me back down to a weight where I am little happier.
  9. Up my exercise or at least start doing some. This again is to help with my weight and energy levels. I use to be so much more active when I was younger and I would like to be able to say that I was at least half as active as I was then but sadly, life seems to have gotten in the way.

I know these goals may not seem a lot to some people but with the way my head has been of late, these are the small steps I think I need to take to get it right again. If I can do these then I will be able to achieve some of the more significant ones which I am hoping to accomplish at some point.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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