#Project365 w/c 03/09/2018

I actually managed to get images every day this week. We had such a good week. We managed to convince Tom to go swimming with his school and he walked out of school saying he loved it and couldn’t wait to next week. He even wanted me to buy him two floats so that he would be able to swim in the shallow pool when he goes to the caravan. I did say to him that if he wanted I would start taking him and he could show me all the things he learned in school but he said that he would rather just go with the school.

Anyway here are my images for this week.

Monday – 03/09/2018

Look at all the yummy new things that Iceland have gotten in for all you vegans out there. As soon as I said to my OH that they had the range in, we were straight into the car and on our way across the town to check it out. Needless to say, we got a packet of nearly everything. I’ll try and get a review up of some of them as we make them.

Tuesday -04/09/2018

What this image doesn’t show is the fact that this cupboard is one of the highest cupboards that we have in our house. How she managed to get up there we have no idea… the only way that we could get her down was to get the large ladder out of the garden shed and lift her down. Was a very entertaining afternoon.

Wednesday -05/09/2018

Tom had his friend over after school for a little bit. They most of the afternoon in Tom’s room playing with lego. This is the one time they were actually quiet, concentrating hard on Minecraft for a while.

Thursday – 06/09/2018

So last night I the learned the reason why I very rarely do anything crafty with Tom. You may have read lately that we spent last Saturday playing with Cling Creator from Crayola. It seems that one of us had walked the solution throughout the hall. Well… I was coming down the stairs last night, put my foot on the wooden floor on the hall floor at the bottom and BOOM!!!! down I went!… I suppose it didn’t help that I was wearing my pyjama bottoms but still… the bruise is VERY impressive as you can see. (please ignore the muffin top)

Friday – 07/09/2018

Standing, chatting to my OH in the garden discussing what was going to be my Friday Photo and this little fella landed and started sunning himself right beside me. I was too scared to run and get the proper camera before it flew off, so had to take the image with my mobile. This is why it’s a little blurry.

Saturday – 08/09/2018

Ger, one of our kittens got a hold of one of Amy’s old Barbie dolls. It looks like she’s put her fingers into a plug socket. It was quite funny watching her try and drag her down the stairs and up the hall by her hair.

Sunday – 09/09/2018

Tom and I spent the afternoon trying to complete a level on Disney infinity 3.0. I’m not really a big fan of the game but I thought I would spend the afternoon doing something that would make the boy happy. He might then behave himself when it’s bath time.

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx


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