#Project365 – wk35 w/c 27/08/2018

This week has been a little crappy for photographs. In fact, it was so crappy that I didn’t even get any photographs on Sunday. Bad J I know. This coming week will be a lot better though. I promise! 😀

Monday 27/08/2018 – Being by myself for a couple of days I thought I would start it out with a little walk along the river. This is an image of the Causeway Rescue Service lifeboat always at the ready for any emergencies it’s needed for.
A small side-note – this is the start of my exercise regime. Something that I have to do to get rid of this excise weight I’ve gained over the last few months.

Tuesday 28/08/2018 –  Having recently stripped my hair from all the colour over the years, which subsequently turned my hair a light shade of orange, I thought that I would go for something completely different and try ‘mercury blue’. The dye, however, didn’t quite take and this is the colour I was left with. It is slightly darker than it looks in the image and there’s a small hint of purple when the sun shines on it which I like.

Wednesday 29/08/2018- Tom had been away at his Granny’s since Sunday night because his dad was away in Donegal and I had to work. So I decided that tonight we would sit and watch a movie of his choice. BAD idea – Daddy Day Camp was the chosen flick.

Thursday 30/08/2018 – Wee day out in Ballymena with the wee man as he was back to school the next day. You can read all about it here.

Friday 31/08/2018 – Because I start work so early in the morning I usually find that when I come home I have to have a nap. This is the image I wake up to most days. The other one is usually laying above my head on the pillow waiting for me to sit up so she can lay down before I could lay back down again.

Saturday 01/09/2018 – Today was spent at the kitchen table making things. We had originally started drawing random things but then Tom remembered about a present he had gotten as part of his birthday presents. A Crayola Cling Creator kit. These are Tom’s creations. Needless to say, it was a very messy day.

Sunday 02/09/2018 – Was really bad and didn’t get any images today 😦

Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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