A Day Out In Ballymena

Well it’s the day before the summer is over and Tom goes back to school. I know I’ve done a lot of moaning about him the past couple of months but I really am going to miss him being here when I get home from work. Although it will be nice to get some time alone with my OH. It feels like we haven’t had a minutes peace together the last two months.

As Tom goes back to school shortly and my OH was still away, I thought that seeing as it was my only day off work I would take the time and spend the day with Tom; out of the house. So we took the train up to Ballymena. It’s not Belfast like I had planned in my summer bucket list but at least it’s something. I had thought that we would get the early train up at after 9 but with very little sleep the night before we held off and got the after 10 Also this way my mother would be able to join us as a treat as she had mentioned that it was ages since she had last been there, especially on the train.

The ride up was pretty much uneventful, as per usual it was crammed full so we weren’t able to get a table seat, much to Tom’s disappointment. He did only want one so he had somewhere to place his elbows while playing ‘bad piggies’ on his mobile. We only had 3 stops between our first and last so we didn’t have long to wait before we were at our destination. Once there we did what we usually did when reaching any destination… we went and got a cuppa. Marks and Spencers is the usual haunt so off we set.


On the way to Marks, which is in the Fairhill shopping centre in the town, we had to pass through another shopping centre, The Tower Centre. We thought we would pop into the Poundland to see if there was anything different in there than there was in the one in Coleraine. They were pretty much all the same items although Tom was able to get a Yo-kai watch figure that the store in Coleraine had sold out off before I could get him it. So he was a very happy boy. I myself managed to get myself a few blu-ray to add to my ever-growing collection.

When we made it to the Tower Centre, we found Marks was reasonably quiet which was unusual for the time of day we were there. This meant however that we were served pretty quickly without any hassle. My mum and I shared a devon scone between us as all we really wanted was the cup of tea. Tom had a chocolate chip cookie which he seemed to wolf down while unboxing his yo-kai watch figure. After finishing our tea we wandered around the Tower Centre for a while visiting Game, Waterstones and Next. Tom managed to convince his granny to buy him a couple of Skylanders figures from Game that he wanted (even though he hasn’t played it in months). He seems to have her wrapped around his little finger lol. Although he is her only grandchild so I guess it’s okay.  20180830_1430334200634425882818595.jpg

Because the day was about Tom and doing what he wanted, we thought that we would let him decide where we should go, and as predicted he wanted what any other 9-year-old would want, to visit the toy shops to see what Pokemon items they had and then to go home. He kept mentioning about his friend finally being home from Poland after a summer in his home country Poland. He had called at the door just as we were about to get our coats on. We managed to convince him though that it would be a while before we were home if he wanted to visit ALL the good toy shops in the town. Which technically was true as they were a good distance between each of them and I didn’t bring the car so we had to walk it.

20180830_1213015300597733400904598.jpgThe next stop was Cameron’s and then Toy Town down in the middle of the town. This is when Tom really started to up the moaning about going home so we thought that we would better head to the main store that Tom wanted to actually go to… Smyths. This is the shop that Tom had been wanted to go to ever since we got off the train.

Every time we go to Smyths whether it be Ballymena, Derry or wherever, Tom spends at least half an hour trying to figure out whether he wants to buy. He has something that he wants to buy but he doesn’t want to spend his own money on it. If it had been someone else buying him them then it would have been a different story altogether. This time around he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to buy packets of pokemon cards and a tin, two tins or all of them together. I had to stand with him and go over what he would have left out of his birthday money if he bought a certain combination of items. He eventually went for the packets and one tin. And he actually seemed okay with spending his own money on them.


Once we were done with Smyths, we decided that we would head for the train station to go home as we were all getting a little tired. I don’t think we were used to all the walking that we were doing. Just before we arrived at the station we noticed the train through the tree and it pull into the station so we figured that we had missed that one so just took our time. As we walked up through the corridor to the platform the train was still sitting waiting with one of the conductors at the door. I thought that he would have just closed the doors and let the train head on but he waited for us which we really appreciated. It meant that we didn’t have to wait another hour for the next train.

On the trip home, we managed to get a table, which Tom was very happy about because he was able to open his cards and I got to rest my head for half an hour while the train took us back to Coleraine. This time seemed to go in a lot quicker than when we were travelling up the Ballymena, which I was very pleased about as it meant we would get home a lot sooner than expected.

Like I said before I know that this trip wasn’t the one to Belfast like I had planned on my bucket list but all in all I found that the trip was quite a good one. Tom was happy about what he bought and I was happy that we actually managed to get a day out of the house, even though Tom kept going on about getting home to play Fortnite with his friend. I know some people will think that it’s nothing and it’s something that they do on a weekly basis but this is a day I will remember for a long time. It’s a day that I was able to spend the whole day with Tom and not get annoyed or frustrated with him. He even mentioned out of the blue to his granny that it was the best day he had had in a long time. Good times.


Anyway friends, thanks for reading, make sure and like, share, comment and if you have any suggestions please don’t hesitate to gimme a shout!  J xxx

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