Meal Planning – W/C 27/08/2018

Well, last weeks meals went down a treat with everyone, Tom included. We got him to try at least a forkful of everything that my OH and I were having, and he shocked us both when he asked for a second bowl of pasta with the sauce. We never went to Burger King over the weekend as we had a few bills pop that were not planned so money was a little tight. We are heading to Ballymena with my mum on Thursday of this week so we will have it then. And instead of having homemade mince burgers we went for the easy option and bought a packet of No Bull Burgers from Iceland.

This week’s meals will be a little different as I will be by myself for the first half it. My OH is heading away with his mum for a few days and Tom will be staying out with his granny (my mum) as I have to work. So Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be freezer food and possibly a sneaky takeaway. For the other days …

  • Burger King
  • Pasta with Chunky Vegetable Sauce
  • Vegan Jalfrezi with wholemeal rice
  • Linda McCartney Country Pie and chips.

With Tom being back at school next week I’m hoping that I will be able to get more organised when it comes to all my meal preparation.


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